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I was born and raised amid the farmlands of Ireland. Growing up, every one of my schoolmates was the child of a farmer. These families had farmed the land for generations, and I saw from an early age how they dedicated themselves to taking care of their animals and their fields. In our community it was common for families to have their own dairy, egg and meat products at mealtime, practicing “farm-to-table” before the term became popular.

I have lived in America for half of my life. I came across beef jerky some years ago and quickly became a regular consumer. I would often make it at home. I always preferred jerky made from grass-fed beef, because I knew that it was better for the cattle and healthier for me. But I would often find that grass-fed beef jerky was either very expensive (in store) or not always available (online). I thought back to the Sunday roasts that I used to enjoy in Ireland and wondered whether I would ever find protein snacks made from Irish beef. Then one day I heard that Ireland had received permission to export its beef to the USA. I knew this was my chance to share my love of Irish beef and my passion for making meat snacks here in America – a powerful link between my Irish roots and my American home. The inspiration for Bawnmore was born.

There are several reasons why Irish beef is the perfect starting point for a top-quality protein snack. Most people already know that Ireland has the perfect conditions for growing grass, which is why Irish grass-fed butter and cheese are already very popular here in America. But it gets even better. Each piece of Irish beef is fully traceable back to the farm and herd from which it came. And the beef is sustainably produced, coming from farmers whose families have been stewards of the land for several generations.

While developing our products, I also saw an opportunity to improve a category that was already good. Too often in the beef jerky world, the health benefit of a protein snack is offset by the spoonfuls of added sugar in every bag. I set out to make a product that would be healthier but that could still taste great, using simple, clean recipes. I’m excited to share the results with you now.

Ed Russell, Founder

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